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Get to know... Alice Perniskie 

Q: Time at Macdonald Perniskie? 
A: Six years

Q: Always wanted to be an accountant? I
come from a family of accountants and I’ve always loved working with numbers, so it was the perfect fit. 

Q: Favourite part of your job? 
A: Working with a wide range of clients from different backgrounds. I like getting ‘inside’ the business, and getting to know the people who run it.

Q: Ten-year goal? 
A: To have ticked off my Chartered Accountancy qualifications, have greater responsibility and being a position to mentor young people like myself.

Q: What sporting achievement are you most proud of? 
I used to really be into sport, representing my region at netball, hockey and tennis in my younger days. However I had to pick between school work/study and sports.

Q: When you were at school you were known for…? 
A: Being able to calculate maths equations quicker than a calculator! Everyone still talks to me about that. 

Q: Who do you admire the most? 
A: Mum and Dad, they’ve always been really supportive in helping me to achieve the best I can.

Q: Describe yourself in three words 
A: Outgoing, diligent, happy. 

Q: What’s the one place in NZ you’d like to visit and why? 
A: I’d love to go up to the Twizel canals and catch a big trout! Fishing is my favourite hobby. I love heading off to Te Anau most weekends in the summer to go fishing.

Q: Which three people alive or dead would you invite to your ultimate dinner party? 
A: That’s too hard to answer! 

Celebrating our new Queenstown office

We're excited to announce that our Queenstown office has moved! We are now operating from Level 1, Aurum House, Terrace Junction on the Frankton Road. We are loving our spacious new office with plenty of convenient parking. We look forward to seeing you there soon.

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