Tourism Kick-Start Fund - April 2022

What is it?

Businesses in 5 key South Island tourism locations are being targeted by a new Government initiative - it is called the Tourism Kick-Start Fund. 

The funding has been made available to help existing tourism businesses to scale back up for the return of international visitors. From the 1st of April 2022, tourism businesses in Westland, Southland, Kaikoura, Mackenzie and Queenstown Lake District were able to make an application for a grant that is valued at between $10,000 and $50,000.

This grant is in addition to the current business advisory support and business implementation funds already available.

How do I know if I am eligible?

To be eligible for the Tourism Kick-Start Fund, you must:

• Be a tourism business – which is defined as a business where at least 50% of operational output is purchased by tourists (domestic or international). This can include service businesses whose output is purchased by tourism businesses, and encompasses accommodation, arts and recreational services, food, transport and retail.

• Be physically based within at least one of the five districts.

• Be a privately-owned business or Māori Trust or incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 or similar organisation managing Māori assets under multiple ownership (Charitable Trusts, Incorporated Societies, Non-business entities, and Local and Central Governments are ineligible).

• Have engaged in hibernation-like activities, for example: reduced opening hours, level of services, customers or business capacity due to COVID-19.

• Compared to 2019/20 financial year, a business must have experienced a drop in annual revenue of at least 50%;

• have a minimum annual revenue of $60,000 pre-COVID-19 (2019/20 financial year);

• not have received direct Government tourism support from the Strategic Tourism Assets Protection Programme; and

• pass a viability test demonstrating that the business will remain viable and operating up to and beyond the border re-opening. This can be discussed with one of your Lead Entity’s Growth Advisors.

How much could I receive?

The grant will be calculated based on 2 weeks of pre-COVID-19 revenue set at 2 weeks of annual revenue for the 2019/20 financial year:

• If your revenue in 2019/20 financial year was $60,000-$260,000, you would receive $10,000.
• If your revenue in 2019/20 financial year was more than $260,000, you would receive two weeks revenue up to a maximum of $50,000.

What can I use the Tourism Kick-Start Fund on?

It can be used for recruitment and wages, training, operating expenditure, fixed overheads (e.g. rents), advertising and repairs or maintenance directly related to scaling up business operations.

It cannot be used for capital expenditure, any situation where a potential conflict of interest may arise, or paying off debt.

First you need to get registered:

This takes 5 minutes, make sure you have your NZBN ready.

Register on the link below and a RGB Growth advisor will get in contact with you when available.

To get more details on this process, follow the link below for your region:

Each location has a lead entity administering the Tourism Kick Start Fund, and applications need to be made directly to that entity:

• ChristchurchNZ (for Kaikōura and Mackenzie Districts)

Tourism Communities Initiatives - Click here Tourism Communities Initiatives - Click here

• Great South (for Southland District)

Tourism Support - Click here Tourism Support - Click here

• Queenstown Lakes District Council (for Queenstown Lakes District)

Support, Recovery & Re-Set Plan Business South Inc - Click here Support, Recovery & Re-Set Plan Business South Inc - Click here

• Development West Coast (for Westland District)

Tourism Recovery and Re-set Kickstart Plan - Click here Tourism Recovery and Re-set Kickstart Plan - Click here

I have more questions, what should I do?

• Sometimes its easier explained, so give us a call at the office or go to our “Contact us” page. We aim to reply to these as quickly as possible.