COVID 19 - Essential Workers Leave Support

COVID-19: Update for business – 8 April 2020:

You must be an essential business to receive this. Some people who work in an essential service may be in situations where they need to stay away from work and cannot work from home. This payment is about supporting public health goals and to financially help workers who need to stay at home because of the above reasons.

Your frequently asked questions about this leave support payment are answered below.

Who can get it?

You must be an essential business.

You must have essential service workers who either:

What can I get?

The COVID-19 Essential Workers Leave support will be paid at a flat rate of:

It will be paid as a lump sum and covers 4 weeks per employee. If you need to apply for the employee again after the 4 weeks is up, you can do this in the 4th week.

What are the processing and payment timeframes?

Work and Income are working hard to get the applications processed as fast as they can. They will text and email you once the payment is deposited into your bank account.

What do I pay my staff?

You must try your hardest to pay the employee named in your application at least 80% of their usual wage. If that isn’t possible, you need to pay at least the payment rate.

If your employee’s wages are less than the Leave Support, you must pay them their usual wages. Any difference should be used for the wages of other affected staff.

We are well positioned to provide advice and support to all our clients as we self-isolate as a country.  This includes guiding your business through this unprecedented situation as they access government supports and entitlements.  While our offices are closed, we are still open for business.

Should you need support during this challenging time, please get in contact with one of our partners.

Alan Macdonald – or 021 324 527

Jack Perniskie – or 03 208 1314

Erin Howes – or 027 208 0262

Caleb Macdonald – or 021 020 04636

Tim Walsh – or 027 436 8663

If you have any general questions, feel free to use our contact us form on the website. 

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